The economy of India is booming and Germany, in addition to other European countries, is one of its important trade partners. Europe is for Indian companies a Gateway to the Western World and is therefore of special importance to them. With their cost-effective and high quality products, increasingly stemming from own research and development efforts, Indian companies have already positioned themselves strongly for future competition. By the same token, for European companies, India as a growing economic powerhouse becomes interesting not only for outsourcing processes but also as a large market in future.

We assist predominantly technology driven companies in India and Europe in entering each other’s markets. Our focus is on the sectors of Life Sciences, Medical Technology, other areas of High Technology, Cleantech and Financial Services. On demand, we also provide interim management services to our clients.

Our team is composed of consultants, entrepreneurs, scientists, legal and tax advisers and technologists with broad and complementary expertise, deep knowledge of intercultural factors and multifaceted international contacts. We have wide-ranging experience with respect to markets, strategies, technologies, Business Development, M & A transactions and financing. In our target markets, we are very well networked and have deep knowledge of the local conditions.

It is our vision, to make Gateway Knowledge Partners a leading company for consultancy and business-implementation especially in the area of Indo-European business and technology-collaborations.